1.       Is this the same Textile Discount Outlet in Pilsen/Chicago?

a.       Yes! It is us; we have an online store now.

2.       Is this the same inventory you have in store?

a.       Absolutely, this is a portion of our assortment from our brick and mortar location in Chicago. We carry hundreds of thousands of fabrics! Here, we're showing less than 2% of our inventory. We're just getting started. :)

3.       Can I order wholesale?

a.       Please do! Give us a call (773) 847 - 0572 or e-mail us lzproducts@aol.com 

4.       What if there’s a fabric I love but it’s sold out online?

a.       Give the store a call! We can look into other options and possible special orders. (773) 847 - 0752

5.       Are these prices the same as the store prices?

a.       Yes they are.  Although we may have sales that are specific to web only. We’ll be sure to give you a heads up on those.

6.       How many yards do I need to sew something?

a.       A yard is 36”. Make sure to check the width of the fabric when you purchase and double check your pattern for measurements!

7.       Can I buy notions off your site?

a.       At this time we won’t be offering notions online, but stay tuned! We will be updating our site regularly and you can call the store for more options. 

8.       Where do you ship?

a.       Anywhere that UPS ships!

9.   What’s your return policy?

a.       ALL SALES ARE FINAL unless indicated on your receipt that your fabric was “uncut” by us.

                                                               i.      “Uncut” meaning you got the remainder of a fabric/trim bolt.

10.   What if I need to cancel my order?

a.    Please contact us ASAP. We begin preparing your order immediately so you must let us know same day of placing the order. If your fabric has            already been cut by us, we cannot offer a refund.

11.   What methods of payment are acceptable?

a.       We accept all major credit cards.

12.   Do you price match?

a.       No, our prices are very competitive as an outlet and we typically sell at the lowest in the market with our textiles.

13.   Can I use multiple promo codes for my order?

a.       Not at this time. We promise you a deal, though!

14.   If I forgot to enter my coupon code, can my order be adjusted?

a.       Yes, as long as you contact Textile Discount Outlet within 24 hours of placing an order.

15.   Is there a minimum order requirement?

a.       Yes, you must place an order for at least 1 yard of fabric. 

16.   What are your online customer service hours?

a.       Same as our store

17.   How long will it take my order to arrive?

a.       We use standard shipping via UPS to get our textiles to you. We’ll also provide you tracking info so you can track your package on its journey!